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Check out the latest video of our Space Coast Island Root Kava Bar Locations. Get a quick glimpse of our unique style and relaxed environment. There is a reason why Island Root Kava Bar is the number 1 rated Kava Bar in Florida. With new locations coming to an area near you.

Watch the video here on Youtube:

All over the east coast of Florida, Island Root’s unique design, carefully crafted, sourced and unique blend of kava has taken the community by storm. Each location has its own unique personal style that we develop based on the feel of the local community surrounding it. We consider our staff family, and we treat them as such. That unique experience, unheard of these days, trickles down into our clientele. Enjoy a calm, relaxing atmosphere with welcoming service and even cool weekly events and specials. You will not find another kava bar in Florida with this much attention to detail, quality and atmosphere with all the island vibes you need to make your mind and body relax in comfort. 


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